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The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles

I feel a bit like Hermione Granger scurrying along the shifting staircases of Hogwarts as I duck in and out of the labyrinth. I’m in a bookstore, looking for books I may never find. Accustomed to linear shelves where each tome logically follows the next, I lurch along rows that loop and snake intricately along the…

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Visiting Oakland: Does It Get a Second Chance?

Sitting across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco, Oakland is a bit of an unruly kid brother, smaller, rebellious and trying hard to be noticed. When questioned, friends arch their eyebrows in wonder: Why Oakland? Well, take a look at the Fox Theater and tell me. Wouldn’t you make the trip just for this magnificent building?…

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The Surprising Sights of San Francisco

If I were looking for naked men, Latino street art and hippies within minutes of one another, I’d head to San Francisco. I don’t surprise easily so, San Francisco, well done! From the slightly perplexing to the jaw-dropping jolt, here are a few of the surprising sights of San Francisco that caught my eye during two visits in July and…

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Really Seeing Brooklyn’s Red Hook

When photographer Sheila Archer offered to take me around Red Hook for half a day, I had to ask where it was. I’d never heard of this quirky industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn (in truth, I’d never been to Brooklyn other than by accident, heading the wrong way on the subway the day before). On a…

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Cheap New York – When You’re Close to Broke

‘Tis the season to be jolly and surely New York City is among the jolliest. I love this time of year and its Christmas spirit and crisp air and bright lights. Through a series of mishaps I ended up here with a small stash of cash (emphasis on small) and a credit card that wouldn’t deliver.…

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