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The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles

I feel a bit like Hermione Granger scurrying along the shifting staircases of Hogwarts as I duck in and out of the labyrinth. I’m in a bookstore, looking for books I may never find. Accustomed to linear shelves where each tome logically follows the next, I lurch along rows that loop and snake intricately along the…

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Visiting Oakland: Does It Get a Second Chance?

Sitting across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco, Oakland is a bit of an unruly kid brother, smaller, rebellious and trying hard to be noticed. When questioned, friends arch their eyebrows in wonder: Why Oakland? Well, take a look at the Fox Theater and tell me. Wouldn’t you make the trip just for this magnificent building?…

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The Surprising Sights of San Francisco

If I were looking for naked men, Latino street art and hippies within minutes of one another, I’d head to San Francisco. I don’t surprise easily so, San Francisco, well done! From the slightly perplexing to the jaw-dropping jolt, here are a few of the surprising sights of San Francisco that caught my eye during two visits in July and…

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