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The Rungus Gongs of Sabah: Keeping a Tradition Alive

When Rohanah Kudat got married more than a dozen years ago, the last thing she expected was to become a custodian of an ancient craft. Her husband, a gong-maker, taught her the skills and today, Rohanah is one of ten women who make their living hammering zinc sheets into round, vibrant shapes 11 hours a…

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Misompuru Homestay: A Sabahan Adventure

The main road leading to Kudat in North Borneo is dotted with dogs: stray dogs, wandering dogs, dogs that belong to nearby farmers, all in danger of being hit by a car doing nothing guiltier than driving. Amidst the dogs off to the left a muddy road climbs a hill and cuts through a few…

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Born Free: Along the Lower Kinabatangan River

Ever since I shrieked with laughter through Redmond O’Hanlon’s Into the Heart of Borneo, I’ve wanted to go. Not trekking inland and eating odd things like he did, but a more muted, less spine-tingling adventure with fewer critters (and none on my plate). The Kinabatangan River called to me, its name a foreign, distant sound that…

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