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Up Close and Personal at the Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Walking into the Istanbul Grand Bazaar on a crowded Saturday afternoon can give even the bravest of shoppers a meltdown. With its nearly 5,000 shops, hundreds of thousands of visitors a day and come-hither merchants, even an expert shopper would be forgiven a moment’s hesitation at what is believed to be the world’s most visited attraction. (estimates are between…

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Chef Arzu: A Thoroughly Modern Istambullu Woman

Arzu Gurdamar isn’t just any Istanbul woman. In a traditional and increasingly conservative society she is part of what seems a modern minority: a woman going her own way. And not just any way. After 12 years securing tenders for a shipping company and traveling the world, she left it all and opened her own…

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Istanbul Tours for the Culturally Curious Foodie

Any breakfast that involves cheese, olives and rose jam is worth discussing for a moment, especially if it’s in the middle of a fishing market selling rope by the kilo and wire by weight. In a tiny eatery – the Mutfak Dili ev Yemekleri – deep in the market’s centuries-old streets, an Armenian couple prepares…

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