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Guérande Fleur de Sel: The Salt Harvester

Marie-Thérèse Aumont picks out a black speck from the snowy mountain of fresh salt. “It’s alien, it shouldn’t be here,” she says crossly. “This entire mound might be contaminated.” That would be bad news indeed, given the amount of work it takes to harvest a pile of salt here in the Guérande peninsula (pronounced gay-rawnd) in northwestern France’s Loire-Atlantique…

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When Art Takes Over: The Case of Nantes, France

What do you do when people consider your city dull, boring and grey – and won’t visit? You try something different because you know, deep inside, that your home (in this case Nantes, France) is anything but non-descript. You just have to bring out its beauty. Nantes did this with a single word: art. “We decided to develop…

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