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There Was a Time in Communist Albania

Albania used to be the most communist of communist countries – but you’d never know it today. Evidence of the world’s strictest Marxist-Leninist regime has all but disappeared. What’s left are bunkers, thousands of ugly, concrete domes of which more than 700,000 were built to keep out ‘the enemy.’

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The Forgotten Churches of Voskopoje

The Albanian village of Voskopoje harbors hidden treasure: remnants of extraordinary ecclesiastic art, murals and frescoes which unexpectedly survive in a handful of ancient mountain churches. It is a miracle they’re still standing, having been battered by just about everything: war, erosion, abandon, graffiti. Many of the walls are gone, the ceilings crumbling, paint flaking…

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Riding the Blue Rustbucket on Lake Komani, Albania

Lake Komani Albania

When a guidebook calls it “one of the world’s classic boat journeys” there must be a reason. Here it is. You’d think such an extraordinary destination, a gateway to the Albanian Alps, would be easy to find, with hundreds of travelers making a beeline for the lakeshore. Not quite. But that’s part of the adventure.…

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The Many Faces of Albanian Women

Women of Albania

Albania was stuck in a time warp for 45 years under the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha and only emerged a couple of decades ago. Today it is rushing to catch up with the rest of the world and while some women are easily making the transition to modern times, others continue to live much like…

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