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My Perfect Trip

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Being asked to describe my perfect trip is a bit like asking me whether I prefer Japanese, Thai or French food. All of the above, of course.

I could tell you my perfect trip involves lying on glorious beach all day watching palm fronds sway in the breeze as the tropical sunset paints the sky… Wait! I’m a redhead with pink skin. Anything beyond ten minutes in the sun and I’m ready for the burn unit. My perfect beach holiday does involve a palm tree – but I’m sitting under it swaddled in a T-shirt.

Manukan Island Borneo

The beach off Manukan Island in Borneo. That’s the beach; I’m under a tree

I could tell you my perfect trip has me viewing endangered wildlife and adventurously tramping through rainforests with survival goods strapped to my back. True, I love rainforests and all natural environments and I’m happy when surrounded by greenery. But I have a penchant for creamy sauces so my version of tramping usually involves gentle strolling. On a visit to see gorillas in Uganda I had to be pushed uphill by two very small men and have barely recovered from the embarassment. Another time I was lost in the Amazon, literally. Thank heavens someone found me or I’d be tapping rubber trees by now.

Surely as a culture vulture my perfect trip immerses itself in history, surrounded by magical monuments created for my enjoyment centuries ago. I do love understanding the origin of a place and I’m a sucker for beautiful architecture but half an hour of this and I’m ready for the café. I’ll gladly watch my history from the comfort of an espresso.

In that case my perfect trip could be a road trip. I’ve taken so many – across Albania and Morocco and Vancouver Island and France – it couldn’t be otherwise. If it weren’t for the motion sickness that plagues me each time we round a curve this could indeed be an ideal way to travel. It’s close to the ground, it’s easy to stop and meet people, and it’s not expensive (oh, I almost forgot, there is that pollution thing).

So my perfect trip must be about food… culinary walks in Istanbul and New York have left their stamp in my memory and on my palate and when I think about a place, I think first of its spices, sauces, produce and presentation. Even so, one cannot eat one’s way through the world (can one??) and yes, you can have too much of a good thing (sheep’s eyeballs, for example, or caiman).

In truth, I have no perfect trip. I love them all, and each comes with a portion of joy and a dab of distress. I may never experience the perfect trip – but I have experienced many near-perfect ones and for me that may even be better.

This post is Day 26 of the #Indie30 challenge – 30 Days of Indie Travel, by Bootsnall. 

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