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Foto Frenzy

Six Hours in Florence [PHOTOS]

The most memorable time I visited Florence was for my 30th birthday, when friends flew me there to celebrate. I now live in France only a few hours away but I don’t go back often enough. I was recently invited to take a Tuscan cooking class near Pisa and spending a few hours in Florence was part of the…

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Bright Sights: Colors of Morocco [PHOTOS]

It’s hard for one’s senses not to feel assaulted in Morocco. The sounds and scents of cities like Fez or Marrakesh, the cumins and olives and peppers that lift up the foods, or the sheer colors that blast you visually the moment you step into this sunbathed country. Even under the rain, they bombard you with bursts, textures,…

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When is a Pony Actually an Icelandic Horse? [PHOTOS]

Anne Sterck, Women on the Road’s photographer, continues her Iceland series with this look at the famed Icelandic horse. She tells us what it was like to meet these wild beasts Most people don’t know why they’re called horses. They are smaller than an average woman in height so wouldn’t pony be a better term?…

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An Appointment with Iceland’s Glacier Caves [PHOTOS]

Anne Sterck, Women on the Road’s photographer, just visited Iceland with far more photographic gear than anyone should decently carry but as you’ll see below, it was worth every extra backache. Here, she shares a few words about Iceland’s ice caves – and with her photographs you can see them for yourself. My adventure started…

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Oingt: Village of the One Hundred Mangers

Oingt. Don’t even try to pronounce it. If you must, try saying ‘wham’ but stop before the M. It is a tiny French Beaujolais village perched high on a hill in the middle of what is called the Pierres Dorées, or Golden Stones. Here’s why: Like many French villages, Oingt has its own particular Christmas…

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