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The Finer Things

Les Halles in Lyon: Saucisson, Snails and Sea Urchins

There’s a certain thrill about uncovering a new market, new to me at least, a place others rave about so much I’m sure to be disappointed. A shiver of anticipation rushes down my spine when I feel I’m about to discover something truly exquisite, without knowing exactly what lies ahead. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved great food…

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Anatomy of a Tuscan Cooking Class

These may be the strangest words ever to come out of the mouth of an Italian chef running a Tuscan cooking class. “Good morning. My name is Sunshine.” The name fit like a snug sweater, his smile infectious and every ripple visible. His parents had been “sort of hippies” and named him after the musical Hair. Try carrying…

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Le Chateau d’Origny, Ouches (Loire, France)

Every once in a while, a girl’s got to stay in a castle. And her room has to be the size of a small restaurant, with a jacuzzi in the bathroom. And that pretty much describes the Chateau d’Origny. It’s a labor of love by former butcher turned chef turned hotelier Werner de Clippel and…

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