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Posts by Leyla Giray Alyanak

Part 5 – Anatomy of a Solo Female Backpacking Adventure: Breaking the Central Asian Language Barrier

(Back to Part 1) Communicating with people is one of the greatest gifts of travel. We can do it in many ways – art, gestures, expressions – but to me, language is the most complete, allowing for nuances, emotion, information and even the intangible. Language helps us walk into someone else’s world and sample it from their point of…

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Is Venice Dying? And other unpleasant questions

Recently the Thai island of Koh Tachai became the latest in a long line of popular destinations to curtail tourism: after shutting down for monsoon season it has no plans to reopen, allowing coral reefs and wildlife to recover from excessive crowds. Koh Tachai’s fight for survival isn’t unique: Beijing is considering some sort of restrictions along the Great Wall;…

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