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Posts by Leyla Giray Alyanak

2018: You Were… Undefinable

Most years have a theme that jumps out, a thread that binds it and resurfaces just when you’ve forgotten all about it. It could be great love or financial hardship or a life-defining health issue. What’s harder to grasp is a year that goes by without peaks significant enough to shine, or with so many…

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How to Prepare for the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan

The village of Kyzyl-Oi is calm, its dirt roads still warm from the day’s heat. Evening brings with it delightful freshness, which the powerful Kökömeren River amplifies. At the end of the main street sits a large expanse, a pitch, where the village’s inhabitants are beginning to gather. Men on horseback huddle in deep discussion, their horses…

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Tuktoyaktuk: The Road to the Arctic is Now Open

The Canadian Arctic extends its endless tundra until it reaches the sea, a jumble of snow and ice in winter and permafrost in summer, punctuated by the occasional Inuvialuit settlement dedicated to hunting or fishing, with a smattering of government officials or oil workers. The most far-flung are so distant they are forgotten for months…

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Susie of Arabia: From Florida to Jeddah

Susie of Arabia

A former police officer and travel industry professional, Susie Khalil’s American life changed dramatically in 2007 when she followed her Saudi Arabian husband back to his homeland – and she has lived there ever since. Her award-winning blog Susie’s Big Adventure was once banned – it sheds some light in life in one of the…

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2017 – Where Did You Go?

As the wind whistles down the mountain and the few remaining leaves are whipped off their branches, it’s time to order the holiday fowl. This year, it’ll be a Bresse chicken, the softest, most tender bird one can find in France. Or, as the French would have it, in the world. Is it only me…

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Ten Years of Women on the Road

I was 30,000 feet above the Sahara when I saw her. Plodding in the opposite direction, she had wild red hair and was bent over with the weight of a heavy backpack. I blinked and looked again and she was gone. She had been in my mind only. But she looked uncannily like me. A life of…

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