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Carouge, Geneva’s Alter Ego?


Like siblings who can either be in synch or at odds with one another depending on the minute, Carouge teases Geneva by being so close, yet so distinct. To Geneva's solid tradition Carouge serves up rebellion, thumbing her nose at the broody burghers of Calvin's city. And if your first approach to Geneva seems a bit severe, along comes [...]


The Geneva Flower Clock and Other Snapworthy Sights

Geneva lakeside

We have a history, Geneva and I. As a child I visited often, courtesy of my father’s obscure international job. In time I returned for a year to study law. As I stepped off the night train from Paris my first encounter would be with just that - the law. Exhausted, I lugged my two suitcases across a deserted [...]


Charmey, or My Reconciliation With Snow

Snowshoe in Charmey near Gruyeres

Snow has never been my friend. I freeze - literally - when it falls on the road, not knowing how to keep the car from sliding sideways. The cold outside makes me rush indoors. I consider skiing a spectator sport, best enjoyed from the warmth of a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. So [...]


interior of giger bar in gruyeres

Stereotypes can be misleading, but they often contain a grain or two of truth. Take Switzerland: staid, predictable. Like that most quintessential of Swiss villages, Gruyères: cheese, chocolate, cobblestones and a castle. Plenty of Swissness crammed into one tiny street. Lift the veil and the staid, predictable aura weakens, revealing a quirky, surreal side of [...]