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Hambantota International: The World’s Emptiest Airport?

The dual carriageway could be anywhere… Germany, the US, Sweden… Its sharp new signs direct traffic off a wide ramp towards the spiffy airport, still smelling of clean since its inauguration in 2013. Except that my car is the only one on this road. I share part of the highway with a herd of buffalo. [...]


A Week in Sri Lanka

Lagoon Sri Lanka

For decades Sri Lanka was torn apart by a horrible civil war that made it a no-go zone for most travelers. And then in 2004 a vicious tsunami hit. So why would anyone want to visit? Because the war is over and most of the tsunami damage has been swept away, though not forgotten. Because Sri Lankans [...]


Jetwing Lighthouse’s Green Machine

Jetwing Lighthouse

When I was traipsing across rural Africa as a journalist, I made it a point to stay in a luxury hotel at least once a month - powerful hot showers, buffet breakfasts, clean sheets... the works. I've just spent a marvelous week touring Sri Lanka on a budget, sleeping in mostly spartan lodgings so when Jetwing [...]