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11 Things I Was Told About Dublin (not all of them were true)

Dublin Castle

"Why would you ever think Irish food is bland?" my friend Úna asked in disbelief. I have no idea, but this was just one of many misconceptions about Dublin I carried with me recently. Perhaps it's because unlike many of my fellow Canadians, I don't have a single Doyle or Kennedy or O'Connell in my ancestry - [...]


Haunted Dublin (And Not Just Around Halloween)

Haunted Edmundson Electrical plan

As Halloween nears, my mind turns to things spooky, haunted, scary. I think of darkened corners, their smell musty from centuries of avoidance, cobwebs clinging to ancient walls, providing goose bumps and sheepish grins in equal doses. In Dublin recently, that spirit - or the spirits - felt quite alive. In the land of mythical [...]