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The emphasis is on ‘memories’. This is where I document decades of note-free and camera-free travels. I remember places, people, moments, tastes – anything that comes to mind from my travels, things that struck me, that inspired me, for which I have only memories, often vague, but always powerful. I often take one of these impressions, and follow the thread wherever it may lead me.

Porto Antico, Genoa – Revisited

Marina at Porto Antico, Genoa

My two earliest memories of Genoa's port area - the Porto Antico - involve sailors, and an amazing green sauce poured over pasta. Decades later this maritime city still bursts with sailors, and the aroma of pesto pulls you into the many tiny eateries dotting the docks. In the Genoa seaside of my childhood, come [...]


Santiago de Compostela: My One-Hour Camino

censer swings at Santiago de Compostela cathedral

While I can't claim to have walked the Camino, I can certainly confirm I have walked on the Camino. For an entire hour. I wonder whether I should have walked at all... I was a tourist, not a traveler, a sightseer, not a participant, a voyeuse in a way, or to put it more kindly, [...]